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July 26, 2020

Abby and Kyle – Sea Island Engagement

There is nothing more romantic and special to a girl than waiting for their own handsome leading man to surprise them on a bended knee with a sparkling engagement ring!

Kyle reached out to us about a month ago with a surprise proposal plan at Sea Island.   He picked the location that was meaningful to them.  Some of their first dates were sailing on Sea Island and spending time gazing at the stars.  As friends of Abby, this was one of the HARDEST secrets to keep because we were so EXCITED for her!

It’s always a big moment for us, right before a proposal.   We get such a rush of excitement, it’s the moment when the guy wears his heart on his sleeve and asks the love of his life to marry him.  It’s the moment in the movie that makes your heart skip a beat.  It’s as new and as fresh and exciting as the words “I love you” but what they are really saying is “I choose you”.

One of our favorite moments was at the end when Kyle told Abby they were going out to dinner to celebrate and she was wondering if there would be any more surprises.  We had to contain our excitement, AGAIN, because we knew a room full of her closest family and friends waited for her to celebrate.

Congratulations Abby and Kyle!  Below are just a few of our favorites!  Kyle truly planned the perfect proposal, and we are so honored we were able to capture it.  You have so much to look forward too!


Big Hugs and Lots of Love!

Isaac and Amanda


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