March 30, 2018

Ali and Troy – Lafayette Square Savannah Wedding

Ali and Troy met playing beach volleyball in Los Angeles. Ali had joined a group that Troy was running, and now seven years later, they are both running the group together!  Believe it or not, they have had 6 marriages in their volleyball group. It’s a large group (about 400 members) that get together to play beach volleyball every Saturday in LA.  How cool is that?!

Did we mention that they are also big swing dancers! Isaac surprised me with swing dance lessons one Christmas because I LOVE to dance.  When I dance I feel my inner Beyonce but look like a Pam (Office Anyone?)!  We never got past 6 count swing.  So don’t mind us as we dance (badly but enthusiastically) on the sidelines of every reception.

Ali and Troy got engaged in Paris! Troy had a work trip to London and they decided to take an extra few days and go to Paris. It was in November of 2016.  Champs Elysees was closed to cars, so people could walk through the middle of the street leading up to the Arc de Triomphe. They had asked a passerby to take some photos of them, when Troy got down on one knee and popped the question.  How romantic is that?!

When we first talked to Ali and Troy we knew their destination wedding would be memorable and unique.  They picked Lafayette Square for the ceremony location for it’s beautiful fountain and the St. John’s Cathedral in the background.  Most of their family had never been to Savannah and they wanted to make it special for their guests.  Troy’s family is from Ohio and Hilton head, and Ali’s family traveled all the way from California.

We had a hard time picking our favorite details!  Troy has his inner jacket embroidered with with their names and wedding date “Foreva”.  He walked to Lafayette square where he and their eight closest couples waited under the oak trees to the sound of the light breeze and single violist.

Ali and her father were picked up by a pedicab, they linked arms and smiled to the Savannah architecture as they pasted Jones street and nearby squares for some quick portraits before the grand entrance.

When Troy saw Ali escorted by her father his eyes filled up with tears of joy, his smile widened to his whole face, and you could just see how excited he was to celebrate their marriage.

Y’all.  The happiest couples make the best pictures.  We LOVED their ceremony.  Right after they shared their first kiss as Husband and Wife, the Officiant James had the family members gather around the fountain for a very special tradition.  James announced, “Now I am sure you are all aware of the old bridal rhyme: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  What you may not know is that over the years the last line from that expression has been dropped.  In its entirety the rhyme reads something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.  Each of you was given a six­pence by Troy at the start of the ceremony.  Alison is carrying a silver six­pence from 1942, the year her grandmother was born since she wasn’t able to fly in to be with everyone.  Please get out your coins and join the  Bride and Groom as they toss their six­pence in to the fountain to wish for good fortune and prosperity.  On the count of 3…., 2…., 1….

After the ceremony, the newly weds and their families walked to the Andrew Lowe house (with a slight detour to take some shots) where a trolley was waiting for them to take them to dinner.  It truly was perfect day to say “I do” beneath the beautiful Spanish moss.  Congratulations Ali and Troy!  Thank you so much for letting us capture your big day and celebrate your marriage!


Isaac and Amanda



Location:  The McMilan Inn, Lafayette Square, Madison Square

Wedding Dress: Lurelly

Officiant:  James Hamp



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