March 19, 2018

Blakely and Wes – Garrard Landing Engagement

This past Saturday we met Blakely and Wes at Garrard Landing Park for their engagement session.  These two high school sweethearts were so much fun and so in love.  Blakely was bubbly, quick to throw her head back and genuinely laugh, or pop up her heel for fun.  Wes would steal kisses on her forehead, or sweetly pick Blakely up to take her to the next location when she had to take her shoes off (what a gentlemen!).  They are as sweet as they are competitive, so be careful if you end up sitting across from these two in a game of Catan (we might relate to that… just a little bit.  Ok, maybe a lot).

We got a early start and ended up prolonging the session (delaying their impending date night full of queso and margaritas) long enough for the sun to come out from behind the clouds and we are so glad we did!  We had been keeping our eye on the weather all week (thunderstorm watch) but you would never be able to tell because we had the most perfect golden hour.

Congratulations Blakely and Wes, we had so much fun getting to know you and we can’t wait to capture your wedding in July!  It will be here oh-so soon!

-Isaac and Amanda




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