November 2, 2018

Charlotte and William – Peachtree Presbyterian Wedding

Our Auburn sweethearts Charlotte and William finally tied the knot!  One of our favourite parts of shooting weddings (other than serving our awesome couples!) is the chance to get to know our couple’s wonderful families and watch how they wrap them up in love and joy on their big day.  Celebrating Charlotte and William this past weekend we got to see that family love on full display!

Everything about their wedding day was intentional and sweet. When we arrived at the Hyatt, we were quickly welcomed by Charlotte’s sister Mary Helen, and as Maid of Honor, she had all of Charlotte’s details set aside.  We admired the rings, bouquet, invitation suite and shoes.  But our favourite detail of all was a necklace that belonged to Charlotte’s mother, MJ.  It was a delicate cross with a tiny ruby embellishment.  William knew how much the necklace meant to her, and gifted Charlotte one of her very own.  We are thankful Charlotte opened it before the Make-Up Artist started because there was not a dry eye in the room.

We loved seeing Charlotte surrounded by so many amazing women that morning.  Women that watched her grow up, and those that she grew up with.  They had the most fun playlist and popped champagne (despite a few tries). Everyone had us smiling all morning as they soaked in her last moments as a Kelly and got ready for the celebration to come.  Charlotte was such a calming presence, she even helped her own bridesmaids get ready before going to the chapelwhoa-oh-oh…  

Going to the chapel and we’re gonna to get married.
Gee, I really love you and we’re gonna to get married.
Going to the chapel of love.

The church Charlotte and William got married at is the church she grew up at as a third generation member.  It was even prettier than she described.  When we arrived at the chapel, our little photographer hearts were about to burst. Peachtree Presbyterian Church has the most beautiful bridal suite.  Charlotte was able to have a private moment with her sister Mary Helen, and Aunt B, and she got ready and twirled in her dress.  She was the most stunning bride.  When we asked Charlotte how she picked her dress, she said that when she thought of the grand church, she knew not just any dress would do.  It would have to be grand itself – and it truly was grand!  When Charlotte’s bridesmaids finally saw her in her dress the excitement level went up to 150%, these girls were ecstatic (and blotting away furiously at the happy tears).

When William was standing outside the church, right before the first look, he asked Isaac “Is it cold out here, or am I nervous?” (it was quite nice actually).  Moments later, any nervousness William might have been feeling was clearly gone as he saw Charlotte for the first time.

Watching the support and love Charlotte and William received from all around was amazing, breathtaking, and left us in awe. From the speech by Charlotte’s father at the reception that left not a single dry eye in the room, to the sweet quiet moment by a single rose in the columbarium.  From a dancefloor surrounded by guest singing “Brown Eyed Girl” acapella when the power to the band’s sound system went out, to driving off into the night in a special Ford Mustang.  There are so many moments, traditions and stories we soaked up last weekend.  And they all make us feel so thankful and better for knowing the two of you.

Charlotte and William it was such a pleasure to celebrate your marriage. We are so excited for your Kauai adventure and can’t wait to hear all about it!  We hope you wake up at sunrise and walk to Shipwreck beach, we hope you feel amazed as you see the Na Pali coast from a helicopter and again with Captain Andy’s Adventures.  And most of all we hope you love these pictures as much as we do.

Congratulations you two!

Big hugs and lots of love,

Isaac and Amanda


Ceremony Peachtree Presbyterian Church // Reception Hyatt Regency Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina  // Florist Oh!Ccassions // HMUA A Glamour Affair // Dress Suite Bridal // Bridesmaids Bill Levkoff // Band The Ty Reynolds Band //




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