September 7, 2019

Copeland and Seth – St Simons Island Engagement

Some things are just meant to be

Alright, you guys.  You know how much we LOVE a meet-cute, the part in the 90’s romantic comedy where our heroine meets the dashing hero of the story for the first time.  But even more than that, we absolutely adore the romantic notion behind the idea of it was always meant to be.

Hanging out with Seth and Copeland in the short time that we got to spend with them at the Avenue of the Oaks and on East Beach, it’s so easy to see.  From their beaming smiles, the way Seth makes Copeland laugh in a way that could only be described as overjoyed, to the way she looks back to him, the connection between them seems so obvious. They couldn’t be more perfect for one another.

But, it wasn’t always as clear for the two of them to see.

Copeland and Seth met at the beginning of college.  Despite what all their mutual friends could see, they remained just friends, and for a long time. Then, all it took was for a bar wristband to collide with a bangled bracelet, and during a Georgia-Florida game on East Beach, right where we took these photos was the start of it all.

We are so excited for the next chapter of their story.

Seth and Copeland, you two look absolutely stunning in every frame. We are so excited for your wedding next year! Copeland, you’ll be in a white dress and Seth will be nervous to see you for the first time, and it’s gonna be one BIG celebration because if you’re half as joyful on your wedding day as you are in everyday life, you could pass it out as a party favor and you’d still have more to go around!

Big hugs and lots of love,

Isaac and Amanda





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