May 4, 2018

Danielle and Nick – Hometown Engagement in Rome

We love working with couples that inspire us. We have watched Danielle work longer, love sweeter, and laugh harder than any other person we know combined over the last few years. So when she texted us that she was finally engaged…




Saying we were a little excited was an understatement. We COULD. NOT. WAIT. to document such a special moment and to finally meet Nick!

Danielle and Nick met when they were both 13 years old on a mission trip to New Orleans. As athletes, they ran with the same friend groups through high school and would cross paths during college.  When Danielle graduated from college and moved back to Rome she made plans to catch up with Nick after not seeing each other for over a year.  When I asked them if this ‘first date’ was supposed to be a ‘first’ date they both honestly said “no” but they just clicked.  What started as a conversation over tacos ended with laughter and a kiss, and they have been together ever since!  We could not believe it.  After spending time with the both of them it’s easy to assume they have been together all this time.  They are perfect for one another!

When planning the engagement session with Danielle, she knew the location of both the engagement pictures and the wedding had to be in the town they call home.  Naturally, we were drawn to the beauty of Berry College, but this time we were able to walk the campus and take pictures from their eyes, their memories and their stories.  We started out dodging the high school seniors taking pictures for Prom.  Danielle and Nick laughed as they remembered taking pictures for their own prom at the same reflection pool. There is something to be said about sharing a hometown kind of love.  The deeper understanding of time, place and each other- you don’t have to imagine the setting or point of view because you know it so intimately and it becomes that much more tangible.  We wrapped up golden hour with GORGEOUS light on the softball field which was perfect because we wanted to highlight their love of sports.  Everything about spending time with Danielle and Nick is so easy.  They are easy to laugh, quick to smile and love to have fun.

Thank you, Danielle and Nick, for introducing us to the best cheese fries in all of Georgia.  We know that the planning has just begun but we are counting down with you until March!

Congratulations again!  Big hugs and lots of love!

Isaac and Amanda






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