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March 6, 2018

Evan and Jenna – Sunrise at Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island

When talking to Evan and Jenna, they said they wanted to do a sunrise session at Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island.   Looking at the tide charts, we knew that in order to capture sunrise on the beach, we would have a limited amount of time with before the tide would take away our opportunity.

It was so easy to capture their joy with each other as Evan braved the cold Atlantic ocean (barefoot) and carried Jenna to higher sand and even to higher branches.  That won’t make sense now, but scroll through these pictures below and you’ll see for yourself.

Evan and Jenna are super sweet, genuine, and truly in love.  These two college sweethearts have a love of photography and film, and although they are always capturing moments for others, they don’t always get to have pictures taken of themselves.  Isaac and I were so humbled they picked us!  I mean, they are pretty much models.  When Jenna told me she was going to wear a blue tulle skirt, we had a detail camera crush (this is a real photographer thing).  Looking at how Evan smiles at her in these pictures we know he did too!

Thank you Evan and Jenna, we hope to see you on the coast again soon!




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