April 28, 2019

Jackie and David – Sea Island Proposal

Due to our busy shooting schedule, we’re only able to take a very limited number of proposals each season, but we absolutely love getting the chance to be a part of them!  David reached out about a month or two before his planned proposal and walked Isaac through his plan to propose on the back lawn at the Sea Island Lodge, at sunset, overlooking the ocean, with the bagpipers playing in the background….. we were ecstatic!  We synced up Chelsea of the Sea Island wedding planning team to walk through the location to make sure we knew the exact spot he would be asking the biggest question!

As the day came closer though the forecast went back and forth up until about an hour before he was scheduled to get down on one knee.  When the sky opened up and it started to rain in buckets full of water —  Chelsea of the Sea Island Team worked quickly to set up their own private space on the back porch where we could still get a good view of all of the action and waited at a table nearby, camera’s hidden in gift shop bags.

When David and Jackie walked out to the back porch, the Sea Island team signaled to us it was “go time”.  Isaac stayed behind in position while Amanda walked in trailing behind the Sea Island server that was bringing them a tray of champagne, covered in roses, with a beautiful ring sitting right in the middle of that was pretty hard to miss!

With the bagpiper playing in the background, the air around them seemed to stand still.  The rest of the porch faded away except for Jackie’s reaction, David asking the biggest question and receiving the best yes of their lives — there was a kiss and hug and they were perfect, just perfect.

Sidenote:  Turns out the back porch of The Lodge is also an incredible spot to watch the rain… and a proposal because the bystanders cheered on the couple in congratulations once they had a few moments to soak it in.

We snapped a few more celebratory kisses, toasts and wide eyes knowing that we wanted to spend more time with them (not in a thunderstorm).   When we asked them if they would rather celebrate their night and meet up in the morning on the beach for the rest of their engagement session.  They agreed and off they went to what we can only imagine was a perfect dinner at Colt and Alison.

By sunrise, we were walking down the beach behind the beach club enjoying the soft light and getting to know these two. Despite it being 7 AM (being attacked by a sprinkler — sorry guys!), they had us laughing and admiring how they loved and laughed with each other, so clearly perfect together.

David and Jackie,

Congratulations again on your engagement, we are so honored to have had the chance to capture this moment and be a small part of your beautiful story.

Big hugs and lots of love,

Isaac and Amanda





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