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April 3, 2018

Jennifer and Alex – Savannah

Amanda and I have always enjoyed exploring the unknown. From new journeys for both of us, like our road trips around the west coast, to sharing our favorite spots with each other, favorite rivers and trails of mine, favorite parks and hip hang outs of hers, novelty is never unappreciated. However, it embarrasses me to confess that Savannah has always been a bit of an unknown even though we drive past it about twice a month as we make the long drive between Atlanta and St. Simons, we have never pulled over and explored. So naturally when we did go TO Savannah instead of past, we scheduled events from dusk till dawn (literally). With no chance to explore for real, we took in the sights as they came during our busy schedule.

A quick jaunt out to Tybee for a styled shoot with Casey Green Photography, full of gorgeous flowers, the sweetest couple, and friendly new faces opened up the morning. We hurried back to the mainland for our afternoon session. It should have been a great chance to see the sight:, we walked from park to park, taking pictures along the way on Jones street and near Madison Sqaure.

Little secret, shooting is busy, we generally don’t have time to stop and smell the roses (or azaleas). So while it was gorgeous and amazing, it still didn’t have that flavor of exploration that we love.

Enter Jennifer and Alex. We had just walked over to Forsyth park on foot, were swapping cards and batteries, and sure enough they walked up as we were prepping our gear.  After a quick wardrobe consultation with Amanda, we went for a walk on Gaston Street looking for vines, cute staircases and cobblestone textures.  Alex picked up an Azalea and placed it behind Jennifer’s ear.  Their sweet spins, boops, and laughs kept us energized as they led us through some of their favorite spots around Forsyth park- including the animal hospital, clearly a past Antebellum Mansion.  As they danced beneath the mossy oak trees, we saw an owl.  Zooming in with our camera, we decided to take a picture, and sure enough, it was Hedwig!  It’s important to note that Alex proposed at Harry Potter world, and Jennifer cried twice, once for Harry Potter world and once in excitement when she said, “Yes!” . This was it.  We were all waiting on our letter to Hogwarts.

After a fantastic time laughing, enjoying the spring weather and cuddly poses, we began our goodbyes as we prepared to make the long walk back to where we had parked our car at the beginning of the day. Alex and Jennifer surprised us with an offer to drive us back and show us some of their favorite parts of downtown Savannah that they had discovered during THEIR last 6 months of exploration in a new city. It was the perfect end to a long, crazy, and wonderful day (They even pointed out where to get the best gluten free cookies for Amanda!).

Riding around, off of our feet, we got to see more of what THEY loved, and as we always like to do, get another viewpoint on the engagement story (His story is always different then yours ladies!).  And all of the sudden we were enjoying another major passion in our lives, exploring the love stories of the couples we serve. Each has been different, each amazing in its own special way. Just like new places, they have their bright shiny sights, long roads, secret spots, and each person has their own unique take on what makes them so special. As Alex and Jennifer dropped us off and we began our drive back home to St. Simons Island, we reflected on new friends, new places, and all of the beautiful pictures we had taken and decided we just can’t wait to go back to Savannah!

Jennifer and Alex, we can’t wait for your driftwood beach wedding in May! Thank you so much for your sweet hospitality!


Isaac and Amanda


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