October 9, 2018

Jordan and Ryan – Driftwood Beach Engagement Session

Happy Tuesday friends!

It is not lost on us just how beautiful the Golden Isles are, and how so many travel with families, and loved ones and continue to come back each summer. We feel so privileged to capture these moments.  We love how Jekyll Island can be a getaway, with the Spanish moss, driftwood giants, and southern marsh it feels like a summer escape.  One particular beach was really showing off for us this past weekend, between the breeze, the light and the colors painted across the sky we could not have asked for a more perfect setting.  Which is why it was so fitting that we got to capture it by celebrating the most perfect couple; Jordan and Ryan.

Driving down from Atlanta to meet us on Jekyll, we hit it off with these two immediately. We listened to them tell their proposal story (We always love hearing both sides!), we learned about their lives, their newfound love for the islands, and their dreams and goals as they plan and embark on this new phase of life. These moments of connection during the engagement session are some of our favorite parts of what we do. During this one-on-one time we get to know these wonderful people who have entrusted such a momentous time to us and soak them in. When it comes time for the wedding day we feel like we are seeing yet another of our closest friends on their special day. And after, often feel a profound bitter sweet sadness in experiencing something so wonderful but knowing we might not see them again for some time (We are always looking for excuses to reconnect!).  All of that stems from our engagement sessions and we wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Watching Jordan and Ryan interact and love on each other throughout the session was a bonus. Their smiles are warm and sweet, their whisperings soft and playful. Ryan knew all of the right things to say in Jordan’s ear to provoke one of the broadest ranges of expressions we have ever seen! In short their love and joy for each other is writ plain for all to see, and nothing is more exciting as a photographer especially when surrounded by such a scenic setting. As we went through the album after, we were just a bit giddy to be able to share it with them, their families, and the world. It is, simply put, beautiful.

We can’t wait for your wedding at Blue Mountain Vineyards in June!

Big hugs and lots of love,

Isaac and Amanda



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