November 11, 2019

Katie and Blake – North Georgia Wedding

Happy Monday Friends! Every once in a while we have a wedding day with rain. Isaac’s rain turtle trick doesn’t work and we come prepared with a wagon full of clear umbrellas. And even though it’s more challenging than shooting a wedding day with predictable weather, it is just as amazing, because our couples are celebrating their marriage to the love of their life!

You may remember these two from their Monteluce Engagement, and what we may have failed to share with you before is how creative these two souls are!  Katie and Blake have a passion for building things together. The amount of work, talent, and creativity that these two put into their big day and their guests was both stunning and humbling. From the custom Farm Tables to wedding letters spelling #HappilyHinton, to the board games, and the decor, you name it, they dreamt of it and made it come to life by building it.  All the weddings guests and vendors were AMAZED at the execution of their bohemian fall wedding.

“Is Butter A Carb?”

And when the rain really started coming down, their guests (and vendors), gave back as best they could. From the impromptu 4×4 taxi service down to the wedding site, to the umbrella tent tipping water management, to an army of volunteer umbrella holders, no one was letting anything come between Katie and Blake and their perfect day which speaks volumes to the kind of generous, whole-loving hearts Katie and Blake have.

Each guest just wanted to give back to these two the same gift of being there and always showing up for others as these two do every day.

We loved every minute of our day with Katie and Blake, and are truly honored to have been a part of their story.  Here is a small amount of our MANY favorites of your wedding day.  We hope you love them as much as we do.

Big hugs and lots of love,

Isaac and Amanda






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