April 8, 2018

Katie and Josh – Lake Lanier Engagement

When Katie told us they wanted to take their engagement pictures at their family lake house that was special to them, we knew it was a great idea. Something about being in a place you know and love relaxes all the right spots and really makes our job easy as photographers. That being said, we think these two would have lit up our cameras no matter where we did the shoot.

Have you ever seen someone smile through their eyes?  That pure moment of joyfulness that it is contagious.  We’re talking  throw your head back and laugh to your core.  That’s Katie and Josh, and yes it is contagious. From the moment Katie walked around the corner holding Josh’s hand to welcome us with a big hug we knew they had something special.  Katie is bubbly, full of life, sweet as can be, and the best dancer.  And then there is Josh, Josh might just be Isaac’s favorite. On our drive home from the session he kept looking to me and asking, “But did you see the way Josh looks at her?”.

We are quick to say we love love, and we mean it. But sessions like this remind us what that looks and feels like, and it makes what loving love means stick even harder. We love being in a place to capture, foster, and encourage love. We want our pictures to be a testament to your best times yet, and a reminder during the best to come.

Katie and Josh, thank you for being so sweet and wonderful! We can’t wait for your St. Simons wedding this November!

Big hugs and lots of love,

Isaac and Amanda



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