November 27, 2018

Laura and Matt – Captains Bluff Wedding Anniversary

You might remember these two from their Captains Bluff wedding we blogged last November.

Laura and Matt reached out a few months ago and asked if we would take their anniversary pictures at Captain’s bluff, the same place they were married a year before and naturally, we were ecstatic.

One of the hard parts of our photography adventure is the feeling of having to say goodbye after delivering the final wedding gallery because we feel so invested and involved and the prospect of not seeing our newest favorite people anytime soon is always a bummer. So an excuse to hang out a year later is amazing (AKA please call us! We would love to see you again! We miss you!)  As an added bonus, Laura and Matt had just grown their family by one, little puppy Shelby joined us out at the bluff and melted our hearts.

Throughout the session, we were able to get to know these two on a whole new level. And with the sun going down over the river, they popped champagne (that they saved from their honeymoon!) in celebration of a wonderful first year of marriage, and with little Shelby Carter zonked out cold, we realized that we had made new friends, and are so excited for when we get to see them next.



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