July 14, 2018

Marcie and Kevin – Sea Island Engagement

You guys. The island has been in rare form this month. Showing off, really. Strutting around the golden hour with the most spectacular colors. Seriously, we’ve seen a lot of sunsets, and we’ve never — ever — seen it glow like this. It’s dreamy. It’s romantic. And it’s our absolute favorite.

Now, to the stars of the show (and rightfully so) Marcie and Kevin. We connected with Marcie and Kevin for a consultation early one Saturday morning right after our session with Mary and Dalton at Rosemary Beach, who happen to be good friends of theirs!  We instantly fell in love with their story and fun personalities.  Add in how they met, their love of their two pups, golf, the golden isles and love of love itself- well we couldn’t be more excited or honored to document this special milestone in their lives.

Kevin proposed in the backyard at Marcie’s grandparents’ house on Sea Island. It was just the two of them, and it was absolutely perfect.

Sometimes the most romantic gesture is a private one that you carry with you like a secret only the two of you know, heart to heart.  No big fanfare, no hidden photographers, no surprise engagement party inside- just the two of you in one of your most favorite places where you can savor each moment and soak in the excitement.

Marcie’s shared with us that her grandparents’ house is incredibly sentimental to their relationship. It’s where they had their first “date,” first kiss, and is a special place for relaxation.  We love that we were able to capture the only time in Marcie and Kevin’s life when they get to be each other’s fiancés right in the backyard of the house that built them together as a couple.

Something about being in a place you know and love relaxes all the right spots and really makes our job easy as photographers.  They were so excited and so sweet to one another, giggle kissing, and playing around with all our crazy ideas.  It wasn’t until we started uploading the pictures that we realized how we truly captured them at that moment.  Isaac’s explanation was “Somewhere between the Marcie, Kevin and our camera was fairy dust (insert intense hand motion of fairy dust here), just look at them!”

Congratulations again Marcie and Kevin! We are counting down to your big day and we are so excited to celebrate your marriage!

Big hugs and lots of love,

Isaac and Amanda



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