May 30, 2018

Mary and Dalton – 30a Rosemary Beach Engagement

We had so much fun at our 30a destination engagement session with Mary and Dalton.  Although these two grew up on the coast of St Simons Island, when they visited Seaside last May they simply fell in love with the gulf coast.  From the clear blue water, Dutch Caribbean architecture and laid back bike-around style they knew it was the perfect destination for their engagement session.

Mary and Dalton met in 2010 at beginning of high school through mutual friends and have been together ever since!  These two have experienced so many “firsts” together: going off to school, getting their first dog (sweet Nelli), graduating college, traveling abroad, moving back to St. Simons, getting their first job and everything in between. We are so happy that sweet Mary has found such a sweet and loving fiance in Dalton to adventure into forever with.  Dalton treated Mary like a true southern gentleman.  He gladly wore a suit in the summer heat, helped Mary with her heels when they needed to be adjusted (without missing a beat), and played all of our silly games even with all of Rosemary Beach looking on.  They made our heart melt (more than the humidity, and there was A LOT of humidity).

We met them in front of the Pearl Hotel in Rosemary Beach and walked down the streets to start at the east greenspace.  We knew from the day before it had less traffic and would be a great place to start before we made our way back to the main square near the Town Hall.  Despite the memorial day crowds, you would never know they didn’t have the town to themselves they way they giggled and looked at each other stealing kisses.  They danced along the shore, said yes to all of our crazy photographer ideas, and dodged waves as they rolled in.

We could use words to describe to you the kind of love we saw between them.  We could use words to describe the colors of the sky and when the sun met the sand and hugged the water, how the reflections made our hearts go pitter-patter.  But, instead, we are just going to leave these images right here for you to see for yourselves how beautiful of an evening it truly was.

Congratulations Mary and Dalton, we are so honored to capture this special season in your lives and CAN. NOT. WAIT for your destination wedding this fall!

Big Hugs and Lots of Love,

Isaac and Amanda



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