July 21, 2019

Natalie and Zach – Ivy Hall Wedding

Hello Friends!  We are finally ready to share our latest July wedding with you!  You may remember Natalie and Zach, our two Georgia Tech sweethearts from there Piedmont Park Engagement session.

Natalie and Zach’s big day was a reflection of their shared faith and history. The girls got ready at Natalie’s childhood home, the ceremony took place at the church she grew up in, the priest was the Chaplain from Georgia Tech  – their alma matter and their friends and family had been there through it all.

We always talk about what it’s like being married to your best friend, but what we need to start talking about more is the part of the love story starting on your wedding day and is every day after saying your vows which is …

“I am surrendering my heart to you, I will always choose you.”

Father Josh Allen did such an amazing job with the ceremony and incorporating Natalie and Zach’s relationship.  He shared that in the bible, there are serval words in greek that translate into the English word love but they truly are different shades of the words we translate into today as Love.  He spoke to each one and it’s meaning.

  1. He started with Storgē, the love of affection which is a sweet beginning but can be fickle.
  2. The second was Philia, the love of friendship,  the basis of your marriage.
  3. The love of Eros, a passionate love, the kind you often see in the movies.  Often also known as a possessive kind of love.
  4. The last was Agape, the highest love, a sacrificial love.



Agape, is a promise of a love where you give no matter what you get in return

Our wish for your marriage Natalie and Zach is that of the Agape, the highest love.  May you surrender your hearts always choose one another, and keep dancing and smiling as much as you did on your wedding day. We hope you have SO MUCH FUN on your honeymoon, exploring  Texas, and we will hopefully catch up with you when you move to Jacksonville!

Big Hugs and Lots of Love,

Isaac and Amanda




Venue:  Ivy Hall  // Videographer: Zauche Videography  // Dress: Martina Liana – Essense of Australia //



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