December 1, 2018

Natalie and Zach – Piedmont Park Engagement

We hit it off immediately with Natalie and Zach, they are the sweetest college sweethearts and we just knew they could be our new best friends.  We scheduled an engagement session in Piedmont Park after Natalie’s graduation and 3 minutes into our walk in the park Zach stopped and jumped into a mud puddle.  It was an overcast day, with a little drizzle and you would have NEVER known it.  We had so much fun walking around the park and getting to know them better, watching them look at each other like we weren’t even there, serious laughter in their eyes.

We connected with Natalie and Zach in a big way that we wanted to share – what you say and how you say it matters.  Which is why we wanted to share with you why we believe these two have such a precious and intentional relationship.

We always say there is nothing more romantic and special to a girl than waiting for their own handsome leading man to surprise them on a bended knee with a sparkling engagement ring! But there is one moment that we always love and that’s the first moment you say the words “I love you”.

When Isaac first said “I Love You”, he also squeezed my hand three times. He then told me a story, that growing up he had a secret way to say I love you between him and his mom, they would squeeze three times which meant “I love you” one word for each squeeze, then the other person would squeeze back twice, “How much”, then a biiig squeeze for “THIS MUCH”. Thinking back I realized he had been squeezing my hand three times ALL the time.

Since then he has continued to squeeze my hand three times, and I squeeze back twice, and he responds with another squeeze tightly again. This ritual is something we do when we wake up like a “good morning”, to being supportive in moments where the other need confidence, to right before we go to bed.  It’s become an affirmation just as big and important as the words themselves.

Which is why when Zach mentioned that he had wanted to save the words “I love you” for the right moment (Marriage – how romantic is that?!)  and that in the meantime he had been squeezing Natalies hand three times, we knew EXACTLY what that meant before he even finished his story! This past labor day he took her up hiking in the woods, got down on one knee, told her that he loved her, and asked her to be his wife. So intentional, so sweet, naturally we loved it, and them even more.

Guys, from where we are watching it is so clear just how in love these two are.

Congratulations guys, we cannot wait to celebrate with you at your wedding later this year.


Big hugs and Lots of love,

Isaac and Amanda



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