February 25, 2021

Sallie and Carson Sea Island Engagement

You guys. The island has been in rare form this month. Showing off, really. Strutting around the golden hour with the most spectacular colors. Seriously, we’ve seen a lot of sunsets, and we’ve never — ever — seen it glow like this.

The color gold prevails; in the hues of our beautiful sandy beaches, in the warmth of the rays at sunset, and in the shades that paint the vast marsh grasses in winter.  It’s dreamy. It’s romantic. And it’s our absolute favorite.

There is something so romantic about dancing at the edge of the ocean.

What started as nervous excitement, quickly melted away.  Sallie and Carson met and said “yes” to forever at Sea Island, so it was only fitting it was the location of the session. Something about being in a place you know and love relaxes all the right spots and really makes our job easy as photographers. That being said, we think these two would have lit up our cameras no matter where we did the shoot.  We joked around calling them both the mayor because as we walked around they were greeted with big smiles and congratulations by friends excited to celebrate their engagement.

Sallie and Carson– You guys are beautiful inside and out, and we can’t wait to get you in front of our cameras again. Here are some of our favorite photos from your engagement session. We hope you love them as much as we do. Which might be hard. Because we love them a lot!  We are counting down for your Musgrove wedding!


Big hugs and lots of love,

Isaac and Amanda





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