April 15, 2018

Traci and Yale – Berry College Engagement

We sometimes get these ‘crazy ideas’ that fit the photographer mentality of ‘we will do almost anything for the perfect shot’.  Which means  1. We don’t mind waking up early. 2. We don’t mind driving long distances to a place we believe is breathtaking.  3. We will crawl, hike, climb (the list goes on and on) just to take the perfect picture but not everyone feels the same way. Especially if they are IN the picture.

How do you come up with these ideas you ask?
Sometimes we drive past these ideas, sometimes it’s surfing the internet or conversation over a bowl of queso, but when you can truly imagine how beautiful something would be if we just had a couple trust this idea, we believe it could be borderline magical. Which is why we tried to not get our hopes up when we threw out the idea of a sunrise session at Berry College to Traci and Yale’s for their engagement session location.

Mostly because of logistics.
1. Sunrise is really early which means you have to get ready even earlier, and  2.  It was about a 45-minute drive to get to Berry College from their hometown (which means even earlier, and on the weekend).
To our surprise, Traci went all in and said: “Yes!, That will be beautiful!”

Berry College is a beautiful campus full of so much opportunity, but depending on the time of day and natural light some locations are better than others for us to perfectly backlight our couples.  Which is why we were so excited for the opportunity with these two yesterday morning.

We were on the road by 5 am blasting pump up music trying to stay awake (If anyone has any playlist ideas please send them our way because we find ourselves waking up earlier then we should on most weekends).  We pulled into Berry College as the fog began to lift and the sky turned a pretty pastel blue hue.  We scouted our locations, stopping for deer to cross the road, and made it to our destination.  Traci and Yale met us at the reflection pool across from the campus chapel.  We knew it would be a great place to kick off the session.  Traci is so bubbly, she put her hand in Yales and guided his sleepy eyes to our first location.  The sun rose behind them, and the light was so dreamy!   Traci just smiled, twirled and walked like a champ in those high wedges amongst the uneven grass with Yale by her side.  Some of our favorite pictures from this session are how these two just look at each other.  Yale, an almost foot taller then Traci would smile into her temple as we took their picture.  Or, Traci would lift herself on her toes to steal a giggle kiss.

Congratulations Traci and Yale, we are so excited for the two of you!




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